Jenia Fridlyand – Entrance to Our Valley (signiert)


TIS 2019 (1st edition)
Softbound, 26 x 40 cm
80 pages, 37 black and white photographs
English text

In 2017, Jenia Fridlyand created an artist’s book that sold out its limited run quickly and was shortlisted for the Paris Photo-Aperture First Photobook Prize. We at TIS books are excited to now offer the highly-anticipated trade edition of that debut monograph, Entrance to Our Valley.

Fridlyand uses her 4×5 view camera with remarkable flexibility and subtlety, rendering not only carefully considered landscapes, but also domestic scenes of surprise and spontaneity. The result is a not so much a narrative as it is an atmosphere; not descriptive of experience but rather evocative of it. One senses ultimately the climate (both literally and figuratively) of the valley in which her immediate and extended family is making a new home for itself. Pictures of the simplest activities of housekeeping – eating and sleeping, planting and harvesting the garden, playing chess – are imbued with the richness of joy and gratitude in Fridlyand’s tender compositions and juxtapositions of interior and exterior life.