Book Launch – Valery Faminsky – Berlin Mai 1945

‘Valery Faminsky – Berlin Mai 1945

Book Launch :25.10. 2018 18.00 Uhr



Valery Faminsky, photographer in the Red Army, documented from April to August 1945 the care of wounded soldiers in Berlin for the medical authorities.
In addition to this work, he also made many impressive shots of the destroyed city, their population and the everyday life of the Russian troops. Owing to his army accreditation, Faminsky could move freely in the city, becomes a real eyewitness. His personal and humanistic view distinguishes his photographs from most other staged propaganda pictures of the first postwar weeks in Berlin.
At the beginning of August 1945, Faminsky was demobilised and returned to Moscow. Faminsky’s pictures from Berlin were neither reprinted nor issued and remained unknown, until the Moscow photographer Arthur Bondar discovered the pictures and acquired the archive in 2016.

Together with the publishing house Buchkunst Berlin and Arthur Bondar we are proud to show Valery Faminsky’s photographs here in a beautiful monography, published in german and english. Special guest will be for the talk Prof. Dr. Peter Steinbach.

The talk will be held in german.

(Copyright photo: Valery Faminsky / Arthur Bondar’s private Archive)